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Barrie is located on the western arm of Lake Simcoe and is part of the extended urban area in southern Ontario called the Greater Golden Horseshoe.  Barrie is a growing population, with the majority of people settling in Barrie due to its proximity to Toronto. Barrie is close to Highway 400 and has GO Transit access, making it an ideal place to live if you are looking for a short commute to work.

Barrie offers employees work in industries such as education, banking/financial, government/municipal, technology and healthcare.  Barrie is also home to the Coca-Cola Bottling Company and Hydro One Ontario Grid Control Centre.

If you live or work in Barrie and are facing issues with your employment, whether it be receiving a severance package, constructive dismissal, or workplace harassment and bullying, the lawyers at Ertl Lawyers are here to help.

If you need employment lawyers in Barrie, Ertl Lawyers is here for you.

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Given the quickly expanding population of Barrie and the ever-changing needs of its residents with respect to their employment, the employment lawyers at Ertl Lawyers have developed an expertise in dealing with a variety of employment law issues that people who live or work in Barrie may be experiencing.  If you are an employee facing a wrongful dismissal or inadequate severance package, or you are an employer looking for employment contracts, Ertl Lawyers can help you.

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