David uniquely understands the problems faced by older workers. Their knowledge in this area is outstanding and it convinced the other side to settle quickly!

– J.N., Ajax, ON, 59-years-old, Pharmaceutical Industry

As president of a major firm, I engaged David services through a mutual acquaintance. He was able to find a loophole in the contract of employment that two other lawyers missed. It made all the difference. David was able to negotiate an outstanding severance package, including removal of onerous post-termination provisions. Thanks so much David.”

– V.G., Oakville, ON, 59-years-old, President of Engineering Firm

David is an outstanding employment lawyer who provides practical advice and guidance to Their clients. Their ability to communicate legal matters, calmly and professionally during times of need is commendable and I absolutely recommend their services to anyone.

– M.L., Toronto, ON, 53-years-old, Vice President, Insurance Industry



My employer terminated me and offered me a low-ball severance package. After speaking with David Ertl at Ertl Lawyers I immediately felt confident that he would be able to get me a severance package more in line with what I deserve. David was able to exceed my expectations. He was professional and kind throughout the whole process and I couldn’t recommend Ertl Law more.

– P.G., Toronto


Thanks for all of your help David. I am very happy with the results of my case. It was clear to me that you were far more prepared than the other side when it came time to negotiate for a fair severance package!”

– T.R., Oakville, ON, 61-years-old, Legal Industry



As an older employee, I was devastated when my job was outsourced. The other side made me a lowball offer. In the end, David got me 22 months of severance. He knows their stuff and doesn’t back down. Thanks so much David.

– E.S., Brampton, ON, 58-years-old, Shipper/Supervisor, Electronics Warehousing


I wanted to Thank You for all of your help, support and professionalism with my case.  I never thought in a million years I would have been going through this situation but sometimes in life there is no exceptions, but I am glad that I had the best person and team alongside during this transition.  I will gladly recommend your services to anyone that may ever need it.  Thank you again for your help.

– T.I., Bradford, ON, 45-years-old, Program Administrator


Thank you so very much for all the work you have done and the so pleasing results.  You made this your battle and you won! Thank you.  You have been excellent with us: clear, supportive and helpful, not to mention a determined and assertive desire to succeed.

– M.A., PICKERING, ON, 63-years-old, Media Analyst



My role of seven years was eliminated due to an organizational restructuring.  Referred to David through a mutual contact, I was immediately set at ease during our first conversation and, through his skills, experience and approach, he confidently guided me to achieve the optimal result for my situation.

– S.F., OTTAWA, ON, 42-years-old, public affairs advisor


David Ertl gave me the best advice when it came to my severance package.  I had been working at the same tech company for almost my entire career when I was restructured out.  David was knowledgeable, professional and honest with me about my entitlements.  I highly recommend Ertl Lawyers.

– C.L., Pickering


After dedicating so much of my working life to my employer, I was blindsided when I was replaced by someone half my age.  My employer gave me a low ball offer.  David fought for me and got me 16 months’ severance!

– k.G., LONDON, ON, 49-years-old, Transportation executive



I lost my job after 8 years of service for a reason that I though was unfair.  I hired David Ertl in hopes that I could get help.  I never thought there was a lawyer out there that is so honest and supportive.  As I went through the process, he opened my eyes to see that not all lawyers make it about money; he cared.  He gave great advice to bring my case to a quick and reasonable settlement.  All lawyers should take a page out of your book when it comes to dealing with people.

– L.F., Markham, ON, 43-years-old, Marketing & “Rewards” Industry


I was so happy to find Ertl Lawyers.  After my work terminated me for cause for something that I didn’t do I thought I was going to be out of luck trying to get a severance package.  After speaking with Ertl Lawyers, I had hope.  The team at Ertl Lawyers got me a severance package and I cannot recommend them enough.

– H.P, MIssissauga


My employer placed me on a phony performance improvement plan and then tried to fire me with no severance.  Ertl Lawyers did a great job working on my case.  The team at Ertl Lawyers kept me informed throughout every step and she was able to get a great severance package for me.

– H.G., Hamilton



You can trust Mr. Ertl to go the extra mile on whatever he does.  I was dismissed from my senior-level job in the IT industry after just 4 months.  Mr. Ertl was able to negotiate a package for me that was far beyond what I expected, and without even having to start a lawsuit.

– K.B., Richmond Hill, ON, 54-years-old, Information Technology Management


I am so glad that I chose David to represent me in my wrongful dismissal matter.  He kept me well-informed along the way and managed to get me an excellent severance package.  I hope that I won’t need another employment lawyer, but if I do, I would choose David without question.

– H.C, Barrie, ON, 34-years-old, Account Executive, Advertising


After being harassed at work for months and having no luck with HR I didn’t know what to do.  After researching employment law firms, I found Ertl Lawyers.  After speaking with Andrea and David, I was confident they would be able to help me.  I was able to get a great severance package and I couldn’t be happier.

– j.W., Pickering



My employer fired me while I was on long-term disability and then the insurance company cut off my long-term benefits.  David took on both the employer and the insurance company, and got them to settle within months.  Great lawyer.

– A.C., Kingston


I am so grateful that I found David Ertl at Ertl Lawyers. I suffer from depression and my insurance company was giving me such a difficult time. After sending in a report from my doctor, the insurance company still denied my long-term disability benefits. David was able to advocate for me to the insurance company and helped me get through this awful time. I would never have been able to do this on my own, especially with my depression. Thank you!

– T.G., Whitby

Ertl Lawyers’ expertise and patience helped me get my long-term disability benefits case settled. I was unable to work due to fibromyalgia and my insurance company denied my long-term disability benefits. With help from Ertl Lawyers, I was able to settle my case with the insurance company and I am so thankful.



Even after being diagnosed with depression, the insurance company rejected my claim for long-term disability benefits. David took on my matter, resolve it in a matter of months. He did all the heavy lifting and made the process easy for me at a very difficult time. Thanks Dave!

– J.S., Scarborough



I was off of work because of a back injury. When my short-term benefits expired, I was still not ready to return to work. I applied for long-term disability benefits and was denied. It felt impossible trying to get all of the documents in order to send to the insurance company for an appeal within their deadline, only to be denied again. I contacted Ertl Lawyers and they were able to help me get a positive resolution to my case. I highly recommend their services!

– E.W., Bowmanville

After speaking with David at Ertl Lawyers about my long-term disability insurance appeal, I was impressed by their knowledge and understanding of my case. He was able to help me successfully resolve my case and I could not be more relieved and thankful. I would definitely recommend Ertl Law to anyone who needs long-term disability insurance assistance.

– M.G., Scarborough


I suffer from depression and anxiety and after a series of unfortunate events, I was no longer able to go into work without having a severe anxiety attack and on some days, I was not even able to get out of bed. My family helped me find Ertl Lawyers and I am so grateful for them. They brought some good news to our family by helping resolve my case against my insurance company after they denied me LTD. Ertl Lawyers did a wonderful job!

– M.P., Courtice


I had been in a battle with my insurance company for awhile.  I had made several attempts to appeal their decision to deny my LTD benefits on my own and was getting nowhere.  I found Ertl Lawyers online and they listened to me and agreed to take on my case.  Thank you Ertl Lawyers for their help, compassion and service.


The staff at Ertl Lawyers are professional and compassionate.  They handled my case against my insurance company and were able to get me a successful result.  Without their help, I would still be going nowhere fast trying to communicate with my insurance company.  Thank you!



I want to thank Ertl Lawyers for all of their help with my LTD case.  Everything turned our positively and the process was made easy for me with guidance from the team at Ertl Lawyers.  I am so very appreciative for all of their help.

– L.A., Peterborough 

Thank you to Ertl Lawyers for all of their hard work in winning my long-term disability benefits dispute with my insurance company.  What felt like an ongoing nightmare came to an end after David Ertl got involved.  I truly appreciate all you have done for me and my family.


Ertl Lawyers helped me so much.  I was battling against my insurance company and Ertl Lawyers supported me throughout the whole process.  I am so thankful!



When my insurer cancelled my LTD benefits, I didn’t know what to do.  I found Ertl Lawyers and spoke with David Ertl about my case.  He was able to provide me with straight forward answers to all of my questions and was able to walk me through the process of making a claim against my insurance company.  David was able to deliver excellent results and I am so happy I found Ertl Lawyers.


Dave handled my case exceptionally.  He was able to quickly get to mediation and take on my insurance company and get my LTD benefits claim settled.  Anyone who needs a great disability lawyer should contact Ertl Lawyers.


Ertl Lawyers helped me settle my case against my insurance company for long-term disability benefits.  David was kind and professional.  He went above and beyond to help me and I highly recommend him.



I had been denied my LTD benefits and had appealed the decision but was getting nowhere with the insurance company.  I called Ertl Lawyers and spoke with David Ertl and he was kind and compassionate toward me and the struggles I was facing.  He was able to get me a positive outcome and I am so impressed.  I would always recommend Ertl Lawyers for any issues you might have with your disability insurance.


I only worked for my employer for 2 years, but David negotiated a severance package that got me more than I expected, and their fees were very reasonable. My ex-employer is a large company and has a history of grinding its employees. They tried to play hardball, and that was a big mistake. David is not intimidated by any lawyer. He is confident and cares about their clients. Thanks David!

– S.B., Pickering, ON, 51-years-old, Sales Manager


My case was handled with great professionalism and care, and most importantly, no issue was left out.  Everything was discussed, updated and well-prepared ahead of time.  I would strongly recommend David… just one more thing I forgot to mention… I got a great result! Great job, David.

– S.L., Pickering, ON, 42-Years-Old, Dental Industry

Dave, you took what was a very stressful time in my life and gave me hope and guidance.  I knew you were the right lawyer for me when I first spoke with you. You were the only lawyer that told me to interview at least two other lawyers before deciding on a lawyer.  The other two lawyers pressured me to come in and see them.  You’re a credit to your profession.

– D.A., Whitby, ON, 52-years-old, Advertising Sales Professional


David assisted me in an extremely personable, consistently professional, and reliable and punctual manner.  David is an extremely results-oriented professional.  I will be happy to refer David to any individual requiring his professional services.

– D.O., Toronto, ON, 57-Years-Old, Executive Director in LOng-Term Care Industry

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude for all the effort that both Andrea and David put into reaching an amicable settlement for me. This will be of great help for me and my family, and we could not have accomplished this without your direction and guidance. All the best in your future endeavors, and I wish you future success so that you can continue to help other workers like me. I will be sure to refer your firm to any of my friends if they ever require any assistance. 

– R.F., Toronto, ON, 58-Years-Old, IT professional

I was terminated as soon as I returned from my pregnancy leave after my first child. My employer said it was a “restructuring” which was b.s. Ertl Lawyers was the first to return my call and to take the time to listen to my side of the story. David put together a winning strategy so I did not have to go back to that employer, and got me a great severance package. This was all done without filing a lawsuit. I recommended David highly.”

– P.G., Mississauga, ON, 34-years-old, Orthodontic Field



I had filed a complaint against my employer for terminating me just after I announced my pregnancy. In response, my employer hired a high-priced firm to defend them. It appeared that my matter simply wasn’t moving forward, until I contacted David Ertl. David took hold of my matter and convinced the employer to settle. I could not have done it without him.”

– S.B., Vaughan, ON, 43-years-old, Transportation Industry Professional

Dave, you honestly rock! I am so happy I chose you as my lawyer.  You got me the settlement I was looking for while making the process as easy on me as possible, financially and emotionally.  I really do appreciate all you did for me.

– B.P., Milton, ON, 32-years-old, Human Resources Professional, Hotel Supply



David, my husband and I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and guidance through this.  My husband was so impressed with your negotiation skills and cool head through the mediation.

– G.V., Niagara falls, ON, 56-years-old, sales

“Thank you all so much David for your professionalism and hard work you did on my case. Your compassion and understanding and time are greatly appreciated especially at a time when many dental hygienists in Ontario are struggling with employment issues. I was very impressed at how you took the time to advise and comfort me during a very stressful time in my life. David you are a wonderful lawyer and I would recommend you to anyone in need.

– V.L., Mississauga, ON, 39-years-old, Dental Hygienist


David, I appreciate everything you have done.  You have done a great job and I could not have a better lawyer.  I always felt comfortable writing and talking to you. You made me feel confident.  Thank you very much.

– I.K., Kingston, ON, 53-years-old, Long-Term Care INdustry



David was the only lawyer that I called that didn’t use hard sell tactics to get me as a client.  In fact, he advised me to interview a bunch of lawyers.  I came back to him.  He got me a great severance package.  There was no question he was the best choice.

– E.G., Hamilton, ON, 51-years-old, Sales Manager


I was terminated on the same day along with a fellow worker. I chose David.  My co-worker chose another well-known lawyer.  Compared to my friend’s results, David charged less and got me more severance.  You can’t argue with results.  Awesome job.  Thanks, David.

– S.K., Milton, ON, 46-years-old, Financial services



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