Disability Client Reviews

I am so grateful that I found David Ertl at Ertl Lawyers. I suffer from depression and my insurance company was giving me such a difficult time. After sending in a report from my doctor, the insurance company still denied my long-term disability benefits. David was able to advocate for me to the insurance company and helped me get through this awful time. I would never have been able to do this on my own, especially with my depression. Thank you!

– T.G., Whitby

Ertl Lawyers’ expertise and patience helped me get my long-term disability benefits case settled. I was unable to work due to fibromyalgia and my insurance company denied my long-term disability benefits. With help from Ertl Lawyers, I was able to settle my case with the insurance company and I am so thankful.



Dave handled my case exceptionally.  He was able to quickly get to mediation and take on my insurance company and get my LTD benefits claim settled.  Anyone who needs a great disability lawyer should contact Ertl Lawyers.


Even after being diagnosed with depression, the insurance company rejected my claim for long-term disability benefits. David took on my matter, resolve it in a matter of months. He did all the heavy lifting and made the process easy for me at a very difficult time. Thanks Dave!

– J.S., Scarborough



I was off of work because of a back injury. When my short-term benefits expired, I was still not ready to return to work. I applied for long-term disability benefits and was denied. It felt impossible trying to get all of the documents in order to send to the insurance company for an appeal within their deadline, only to be denied again. I contacted Ertl Lawyers and they were able to help me get a positive resolution to my case. I highly recommend their services!

– E.W., Bowmanville

After speaking with David at Ertl Lawyers about my long-term disability insurance appeal, I was impressed by their knowledge and understanding of my case. He was able to help me successfully resolve my case and I could not be more relieved and thankful. I would definitely recommend Ertl Law to anyone who needs long-term disability insurance assistance.



I want to thank Ertl Lawyers for all of their help with my LTD case.  Everything turned our positively and the process was made easy for me with guidance from the team at Ertl Lawyers.  I am so very appreciative for all of their help.

– L.A., Peterborough 

I suffer from depression and anxiety and after a series of unfortunate events, I was no longer able to go into work without having a severe anxiety attack and on some days, I was not even able to get out of bed. My family helped me find Ertl Lawyers and I am so grateful for them. They brought some good news to our family by helping resolve my case against my insurance company after they denied me LTD. Ertl Lawyers did a wonderful job!

– M.P., Courtice


I had been in a battle with my insurance company for awhile.  I had made several attempts to appeal their decision to deny my LTD benefits on my own and was getting nowhere.  I found Ertl Lawyers online and they listened to me and agreed to take on my case.  Thank you Ertl Lawyers for their help, compassion and service.


The staff at Ertl Lawyers are professional and compassionate.  They handled my case against my insurance company and were able to get me a successful result.  Without their help, I would still be going nowhere fast trying to communicate with my insurance company.  Thank you!



Thank you to Ertl Lawyers for all of their hard work in winning my long-term disability benefits dispute with my insurance company.  What felt like an ongoing nightmare came to an end after David Ertl got involved.  I truly appreciate all you have done for me and my family.


Ertl Lawyers helped me so much.  I was battling against my insurance company and Ertl Lawyers supported me throughout the whole process.  I am so thankful!



Ertl Lawyers helped me settle my case against my insurance company for long-term disability benefits.  David was kind and professional.  He went above and beyond to help me and I highly recommend him.



When my insurer cancelled my LTD benefits, I didn’t know what to do.  I found Ertl Lawyers and spoke with David Ertl about my case.  He was able to provide me with straight forward answers to all of my questions and was able to walk me through the process of making a claim against my insurance company.  David was able to deliver excellent results and I am so happy I found Ertl Lawyers.


I had been denied my LTD benefits and had appealed the decision but was getting nowhere with the insurance company.  I called Ertl Lawyers and spoke with David Ertl and he was kind and compassionate toward me and the struggles I was facing.  He was able to get me a positive outcome and I am so impressed.  I would always recommend Ertl Lawyers for any issues you might have with your disability insurance.


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