About Us

Our Team

David Ertl, LL.B.


Andrea Allin


Mission Statement

The mission of Ertl Lawyers is to help employer and employee clients navigate their employment and disability matters. We are committed to listening to each unique client situation and providing customized, affordable legal services.

Our Values

We believe an excellent lawyer-client relationship is built on clarity of purpose, frank honesty, timely and open communications, and treating every client matter as if it were our own.   

These values work for us, which is why most of our clients are referred by other satisfied clients.

End Goal For Our Clients

Our focus has always been on client satisfaction.

Clients put trust in us, and we’ll use all of our expertise and resources to ensure their satisfaction.

Our History

Ertl Lawyers  – Employment & Disability Law was formed in Toronto by David Ertl in 2009 and now offers employment law services in Ontario and Nova Scotia – and disability law services across Canada.  Before this, David provided legal services with a leading national law firm in both B.C. and Ontario.

How We Bill

With employee-side matters in both employment law and disability law, we typically charge a contingency fee or a fixed fee.  With rare exceptions, these clients do not pay upfront retainers.

With employer-side matters, we charge either hourly or fixed fees, depending on the service required.

What Services Do We Provide?

For employee-side employment matters, the most common services we provide are severance package review and negotiation and wrongful dismissal litigation.

Regarding disability matters, our firm takes a comprehensive approach, from long-term disability applications to appeals and legal claims.

For employers, we offer a complete suite of services, including drafting contracts, day-to-day HR advice, workplace investigations, and defense litigation.

Our Reviews

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