Disability Law

If you are suffering from a long-term disability and the insurance company has denied your claim, or cut off your benefits, you need legal counsel with proven expertise in dealing with insurance companies. That’s us.

We will work with you and your medical experts to prove the extent of your disability to help you get the benefits you deserve.

If you, a loved-one, or someone you know has been treated unfairly by an insurance company, contact Ertl Lawyers, and schedule a FREE CASE ASSESSMENT.

Fair, Flexible Rates – Including Contingency Fees.

Our help can make all the difference.

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Long-Term Disability (LTD) Claims: Overview

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Long-Term Disability Benefits Denied?

Ertl Lawyers provides expert representation in long-term disability matters.
The vast majority of disability matters are resolved through negotiation and mediation – and that’s because insurance companies know that we are passionate about our clients’ rights.

How we can help you:

• free disability policy analysis
• free case assessment
• applying for disability benefits
• appealing a denial or termination of your benefits
• disputing a denial through a legal claim
• handling all communications with your employer
• protecting your employment
• prosecuting human rights claims

Fair, Flexible Rates – Including Contingency Fees
(Don’t Pay Unless You Win)

Our Help Can Make All The Difference.

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