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David Ertl Lawyer
David Ertl Lawyer
David Ertl Lawyer

Lost Your Job?  Need a Dartmouth Employment Lawyer?

David Ertl, a leading employment lawyer, boasts over 20 years of experience in employment law in Nova Scotia, Ontario, and B.C.

He has resolved countless employment matters involving wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, terminations with cause, terminations without cause, layoffs, harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

David has successfully recovered millions in wrongfully withheld compensation for his clients, encompassing salary, commissions, bonuses, promised pay raises, health benefits, insurance benefits, shares, stock options, etc.

Dartmouth Employment Lawyers – We Serve Dartmouth and the Surrounding Areas

We represent clients throughout Nova Scotia, including Dartmouth and the surrounding areas: 

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Some Things You Should Know About Ertl Lawyers

Free Consultation With Dartmouth Employment Lawyers

Ertl Lawyers is pleased to offer a free and confidential phone consultation with a legal professional. We will provide our initial assessment of your matter, and we will discuss your options, costs, and timing. After the phone consultation, if you want us to review any written materials such as your employment agreement, termination letter, non-solicitation agreement, etc., we offer this service at a reduced flat fee.

Contingency Fees Available

Many of our clients inquire about “contingency fees.” With a contingency fee, we charge a percentage of the amount by which we improve your severance package. However, in other cases, clients prefer a fixed/flat fee billing method.

In almost all situations, no upfront retainer is required. In other words, we are paid when you get paid. Call us today to discuss your situation and indicate your preferred billing method. We’ll confidently explain the benefits of each.

You Will Work With a Leading Dartmouth Employment Lawyer – Not A Junior Lawyer

When you choose Ertl Lawyers, you choose to work directly with David Ertl himself. There are no hand-offs to junior lawyers.

David Ertl is a highly accomplished employment lawyer who has skillfully negotiated thousands of severance packages and has a proven track record of successfully representing employees in various industries. From C-suite executives to general labourers, David represents all employees with unwavering confidence and unparalleled expertise.

Having David Ertl on your side in employment law matters is essential. With his reputation as one of the leading Dartmouth employment lawyers, you can trust that you are in the hands of a true expert.


David Ertl Lawyer
David Ertl Lawyer
David Ertl Lawyer

What You Need To Know Right Now About Your Termination

1. Severance Offer “Deadline”

When dealing with severance offers, it’s crucial to remember a few key points. Firstly, most offers have a deadline for signing, but it’s important not to let this deadline rush you into a hasty decision. Deadlines typically do not impact your entitlements, and signing too early without seeking legal advice could result in missing out on a substantial amount of severance pay.

The good news is that most employers are willing to grant additional time for reviewing the severance package. So, if you feel pressured by the deadline, do not hesitate to request extra time. It is well within your rights.

If you have any doubts about any aspect of your severance offer, it’s a wise decision to contact a knowledgeable employment lawyer like David Ertl, who offers free consultations. Taking the time to seek the right advice could significantly impact your situation.

2. Your Employment Contract Should Be Reviewed By Dartmouth Employment Lawyers

If you’ve been terminated from your job, your employment contract may outline the severance pay you’re entitled to. However, in some cases, the contract may not be legally enforceable, potentially entitling you to more compensation than stated. It’s essential to seek advice from an employment lawyer in Dartmouth to fully understand your rights. Please reach out to us today if you need help.

3. Calculating Severance Pay

No law limits your severance entitlements to two weeks per year of employment in Nova Scotia. Your severance pay is determined by various factors such as legislation, your employment agreement, and common law. Common law severance pay is determined by factors such as age, length of service, the type of job you had, and your employability.

You can try our severance pay calculator to estimate your potential severance pay.  Then, discuss your results with Dartmouth employment lawyers, like Ertl Lawyers.

4. Limitation Periods

With few exceptions, a terminated employee has two years from termination to claim full severance pay from their employer.  If you have any questions, consult with a Dartmouth employment lawyer.

5. The Nova Scotia Labour Standards Division or Dartmouth Employment Lawyers? 

The Nova Scotia Labour Standards Division strictly enforces the minimum standards outlined in the Labour Standards Code. If you seek to recover only the minimum termination and severance pay as per the Code, filing a complaint with the Labour Standards Division is the most suitable course of action. However, it’s essential to recognize that pursuing a complaint with the Labour Standards Division precludes the option to pursue a civil claim for common law severance pay, potentially resulting in a loss of entitlements.

The best course of action for common law severance pay is crystal clear: enlist the support of seasoned Dartmouth employment lawyers. Our expertise significantly enhances your prospects of securing the rightful severance package.

6. Terminations with “Just Cause”

We understand that being let go for “just cause” without receiving any severance pay can be distressing. It’s important to keep in mind that this situation only reflects your employer’s side of the story. Severance pay can only be withheld for “just cause” if serious misconduct, like theft, is proven. If you have concerns about your rights, please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.

Ertl Lawyers was quickly able to handle my case to get me better severance.  I am over the moon with how happy I am with the results.  I would not hesitate to recommend them.


Severance Pay Calculator

Our severance pay calculator can give you an idea of how much your severance should be.

Free Employment Guides by Dartmouth Employment Lawyers

Understanding Your Severance Package

6th edition This guide provides information on common severance pay issues, including:

✓ Responding to the employer “deadline”
✓ Key mistakes to avoid
✓ Lump sum vs. salary continuation
✓ “Short service” employees
✓ Employees 45 years and older

Help! I Have Been Fired With Cause

6th edition This guide provides information on “cause” terminations, including:

✓ What is cause?
✓ Why the employer is probably wrong!
✓ Factors that really matter
✓ Can I still get E.I.?
✓ Bad references

Constructive Dismissal

6th edition This guide provides information on constructive dismissal, including:

✓ 20 common “constructive dismissals”
✓ Whether you should resign
✓ What happens to my E.I. benefits?
✓ Layoffs!
✓ The “toxic” work environment

Workplace Discrimination and Harassment

6th edition This guide provides information on discrimination and harassment in the workplace, including:

✓ Types of discrimination
✓ Types of harassment
✓ Bill 168
✓ Remedies
✓ Tribunal vs. court

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How Much Is Your Severance Pay?

Common law severance pay is different for everyone and depends on such things as your age, length of service, the type of job you had, and the number of available jobs in the marketplace.  Consult with Ertl Lawyers today to understand your rights and to make sure you don’t leave anything on the table.

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