Litigation Counsel

Litigation Counsel 

David Ertl has 20 years of employment litigation experience, and has represented clients in matters in / before:

  • Courts of Ontario (Civil & Criminal)
  • Courts of British Columbia (Civil & Criminal)
  • Federal Tax Court of Canada
  • Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
  • Ontario Tribunals (Human Rights Tribunal, License Appeal Tribunal, etc.)
  • British Columbia Tribunals (Human Rights Tribunal, Forest Appeals Commission)
  • Ontario Labour Relations Board
  • Ontario Ministry of Labour
  • British Columbia Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal
  • Professional College Disciplinary Panels / Boards (including the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C., Real Estate Council of Ontario)

Preferred Areas of Practice:

  • Civil cases (e.g., wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, sexual harassment, defamation)
  • Human Rights cases (incl. matters involving sexual harassment & violence)
  • Ministry of Labour complaints, investigations, and appeals
  • Ontario Labour Relations matters
  • Prosecutions under the Occupation Health and Safety Act

Representative Work:

Successfully defended a shipping company against multiple charges under B.C.s’ Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act in relation to goods aboard public ferries.

Successfully defended a large microchip manufacturer on matter before the Ontario Labour Relations Board regarding issues of termination pay, severance pay, and overtime.

Knocked out $1M claim against employer client alleging wrongful dismissal, human rights violations, intentional infliction of emotional distress, etc.

Won two appeals at the Federal Tax Court of Canada relating to a medical practice and whether its employee was an employee or independent contractor.

Successfully resolved charges against corporate (construction) client prosecuted under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Defended logging companies in the B.C. interior on matters before the Forest Appeals Commission.

Prosecuted cases on behalf of large institutional client, ICBC, in areas of fraud.

Represented employer client (airline industry) in grievance arbitrations and in collective bargaining.

Regularly defend and resolve cases for employer clients in wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, human rights matters, and virtually any claim with an employment-related aspect.


David has represented us in a number of proceedings before the courts and has always kept us focused on what matters – running our business.  It’s easy to get caught up in the emotional side of lawsuits, but he happily takes on the heavy lifting and constantly looks for solutions to resolve matters.



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