Human Resources Advice

Human Resources Advice

Human Resources can be one of the most valuable departments within your business. Ensuring that your human resources staff are aware of their obligations to employees, legislative requirements and appropriately handling employee conflict or complaints is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

Depending on the size and nature of your business, your HR requirements will vary. Ertl Lawyers is here to help you navigate your responsibilities as an employer with your HR staff.

David Ertl has been a trusted advisor to employers for 20 years, be it corporations, non-profits, partnerships, or sole proprietor ships.

Ertl Lawyers works closely with human resource professionals, managers, and owners to make sure that they are hiring the right way, handling employee obligations the right way and dismissing the right way.

Ertl Lawyers are employment counsel for employers in a variety of industries including:

  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Manufacturing
  • Trades
  • Professional Services
  • Accommodation and Food Services

HR Policies

Common HR Policies that Ertl Lawyers can help employers draft and advise on include:

  • Health and Safety policy
  • Workplace violence and harassment prevention policy
  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities policy
  • Pay Equity Act policies
  • Anti-discrimination policies
  • Code of Conduct
  • Use of Technology and Social Media
  • Privacy in the Workplace
  • Overtime, Vacation Pay and other Statutory Requirements
  • Emergency Preparedness

Legal Help with HR Advice

Common issues that Ertl Lawyers helps employers with include:

  • Accessibility training
  • Harassment prevention and training
  • Health and safety prevention and training
  • Violence prevention and training
  • Audits of current policies and postings required by law
  • Drafting and implementation of “best practice” policies in addition to those required by law
  • Advice and instruction regarding the need for a Joint Health & Safety Committee
  • Providing up to date advice on legislative changes that HR needs to roll out
  • Assisting with workplace investigations
  • Appropriately advising HR on terminations and hiring

As a human resources director for a small supply chain company, the number of workplace issues that arise is remarkable – from absenteeism, disability leaves, and WSIB matters, to issue of privacy and working from home. We value David and Andrea for their availability, reliability and practical, clear advice. We have been clients of Ertl Lawyers for almost 7 years now, and they are an invaluable resource.



Need Expert, Reliable & Affordable Employment Counsel? You Found Us.

We are employment counsel to small and medium-sized businesses across Ontario.
We provide outstanding service in employment matters including:

Contract Drafting
Workplace Policies
Hiring and Dismissals
Human Resources Advice
Litigation Counsel
Duty to Accommodate
Workplace Investigations
Legislative / Regulatory Compliance

Call us today. Our help can make all the difference.

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