Hiring and Dismissal

Hiring and Dismissal

The two most important times in an employer-employee relationship are when the employee is hired and when he or she leaves their employment. 

And, what an employer does at those two stages can have a dramatic effect on their bottom line (not to mention employee morale). 

David Ertl has been a trusted advisor to employers for 20 years, be it corporations, non-profits, partnerships, or sole proprietor ships. 

Ertl Lawyers works closely with human resource professionals, managers, and owners to make sure that they are hiring the right way, and dismissing the right way.   

Hiring (How We Help Employers)

Common issues that Ertl Lawyers helps employers with include:

  • Reviewing and / or drafting offer letters
  • Reviewing and / or drafting employment agreements
  • Advising on non-solicitation and non-competition agreements
  • Employee risk assessment
  • Background checks

Dismissal (How We Help Employers)

Common issues that Ertl Lawyers helps employers with include:

    • Advising on severance packages
    • Advising on methods of termination
    • Reviewing and / or drafting termination letters
    • Reviewing and / or drafting severance packages
    • Drafting settlement agreements
    • Non-solicitation and non-compete enforcement
    • Negotiating severance packages
    • Defence of wrongful dismissal claims
    • Defence of human rights claims
    • Defence of Employment Standards Act complaints

    We Can Help Your Business Too

    Ertl Lawyers works with companies’ human resource professionals, managers, and owners in all matters relating to hiring and dismissal.

    We help employer clients across all industries, including:

    • Manufacturing
    • Accommodation and Food Services
    • Small Business
    • Professional Services
    • Arts and Entertainment
    • Travel
    • Tech Start-Ups
    • Agricultural
    • Construction
    • Commerce
    • Trades

    We go to David and Andrea for all of our tough questions related to hiring and dismissal of employees. They are always available and they provide quick and clear answers – which is what we need as business owners. David and Andrea are an amazing team.



    Need Expert, Reliable & Affordable Employment Counsel? You Found Us.

    We are employment counsel to small and medium-sized businesses across Ontario.
    We provide outstanding service in employment matters including:

    Contract Drafting
    Workplace Policies
    Hiring and Dismissals
    Human Resources Advice
    Litigation Counsel
    Duty to Accommodate
    Workplace Investigations
    Legislative / Regulatory Compliance

    Call us today. Our help can make all the difference.

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