Duty to Accommodate

Duty to Accommodate

Employers have an obligation and duty to accommodate employees to ensure that a disabled or injured employee is still able to participate meaningfully in the workplace. This means that an employer has an obligation to adjusts rules, practices and policies to accommodate reasonable requests from employees.

Employers are responsible for ensuring that employees with disabilities have equal opportunity, equal access and can enjoy equal benefits to those working without disabilities in the workplace.

David Ertl has been a trusted advisor to employers for 20 years, be it corporations, non-profits, partnerships, or sole proprietor ships.

Ertl Lawyers works closely with human resource professionals, managers, and owners to make sure that they are accommodating individuals in the right way. 

Ertl Lawyers are employment counsel for employers in a variety of industries including:

  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Manufacturing
  • Trades
  • Professional Services
  • Accommodation and Food Service

Legal Obligations to Accommodate

Common legal accommodation requirements that Ertl Lawyers can help with:

  • Evaluating requests for accommodation
  • Assisting in developing appropriate accommodations based on requests
  • Creating policies and procedures to help provide accommodations
  • Creating policies to ensure the workplace is free from harassment and discrimination
  • Identify and eliminate rules that have a discriminatory impact
  • Interpretation and implementation of the Ontario Human Rights Code or the Canadian Human Rights Act

Legal Requirements for the Duty to Accommodate

Common issues that Ertl Lawyers helps employers with:

  • Determining the reasonableness of the accommodation request
  • Assisting in finding a reasonable solution to an accommodation request
  • Determining if a request is considered undue hardship
  • Defending applications made against the employer to the Human Rights Tribunal or Human Rights Commission
  • Development and implementation of policies and procedures
  • Determining when frustration of contract has occurred
  • Workplace investigations

Andrea is our go to professional for guiding us through the often complicated world of “accommodations”, in particular, disability accommodation.  We have no doubt that she has helped us maintain a high standard of positive relationships with our employees.



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